Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Day 2

We awoke in Gallup, New Mexico on Independance Day. This would be the first (and only) day that Ev would not be wearing green, except for his flip flops, of course. Grandad & Grandar had given these adorable red, whte, & blue outfits to the kiddos before we left, which was a good thing because we hadn't even thought about our flag tees thus yet!
 Happy Birthday, America!
 ...and we were back on the road again to our final destination - Laughlin, NV.
 We crossed into Arizona pretty quickly, and changed our clocks again.
 We had never actually stopped at this curious place, and since our friends had never seen petrified wood, we decided to give it a try. After all, how bad could a place with a bus, a dinosaur, and a naked manequin really be?
 Check out that big ol' chunk of petrified wood!

 We got to feed the ostriches there, too. Random, I know.
This guy actually learned that if he danced, he could attract people over to feed him - and it worked.

 A welcome area had a great leg stretcher - giant climbing rocks - so we stopped to have lunch.

 We usually hit a few rainstorms, but this time we only went through one little batch of sprinkles. Nonetheless, it was a nice chane from the sand and catus, and sand.

 Destination: Reached!

 We had rooms reserved at the Pioneer Hotel. Hubby had done some research and found out that the fireworks over the river were set off right across from this hotel!

 Laughlin is a mini-vegas strip with a gorgeous riverwalk on the colorado river.

 As soon as we arrived, we headed down to walk the riverwalk all the way to the end.

It was so hot, that by the time we got done, we decided to take the river taxi back to our hotel, which was SO fun! 

 Our hotel, from the river.
 We hadn't been to In-N-Out Burger in years, and there was one just across the street. So as we approached, the local firetruck stopped to give the kids tattoos.
 As the daddies took the kids swimming, I accompanied Anitra to the casinos, where she slays slot machines out of their money.
 After learning to play roulette, we headed back to the rooms for the fireworks show.
Check out these red, white, and blue conversation hearts I found!
 Our view
 The best view of the night ;)

We had the *best* view of the show from our room's balcony.
It was superb!
Happy 4th, everyone!!
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  1. Wow, you did get a view! Did you plan it that way, or did it just happen?

    Look forward to reading more about your vacay. =)

  2. O my gosh! Gallup? I live near there! My husban is Pastor of a small church in Thoreau,NM. I'm glad you made it to your destination safely.


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