Monday, July 23, 2012

Just the First...

We took the brown line down to campus last week. There's not much to do when it's 111 out, besides ride the air conditioned bus to an air conditioned building - especially when it's the biggest student union in the country and that means it's packed full of newly remodeled goodness which means it's packed full, also, of cute, new furniture that is too tempting for little ones (and a big one) to test out. I don't know what the drive is to sit down and measure the comfiness of a chair, it's not as if I'm in the market to buy 8 foot seating benches or sofas with backs that are 5 feet tall, but nonetheless, there we were, bouncing our butts from seat to seat to seat before the fall semester begins and the new university students cover the new chair scent with starbucks and doritos crumbs.

When we happened upon this arrangement of seating in the basement, I thought it to be the *perfect* stopping-and-resting point for our adventure. The seats were all squishy soft, except that one hard top  and its twin, across the way. The kids were putting on a show. No. literally. The girls were doing a fashion show as the boys made faces and ran behind them and spanked them, and doing whatever else could solicit aggrivation from big sis, and it was all fun and games..
 It was a terrible cry.
It really was.
The kind that makes your heart fall into your stomach and you can feel it pulsing there, ready to spew out at any moment .
He had been running, and fell.
The corner of that ONE hard surface on the couch.
(go figure)
I was SO scared that it had gotten his eye. He wouldn't take his hand off it.
But finally, I calmly removed that shaky little hand off his face and saw the black and blue already rushing in to the now swollen and shiny mass where just literally seconds ago my lips had kissed that very spot and there was nothing. There was no cut, so luckily I could calm my inner freak out that we were carless here on campus. The bus would be here in 30 minutes and we'd get to the ER probably an hour later, so would I have to call the ambulance? How much would THAT cost?? And if I did, and it was nothing, what would rational, calm-down-for-a-minute-and-think hubby say to my impromptu call for all emergency personnel to immediately respond to the basement of the union for.... a.... bruise?
But it was okay, I was starting to calm my inner heidi (she's so easliy freaked, ya know) and make her match my outer heidi who must appear calm at all times of inner freakouts so that the einsteins remain calm, and I breathed.
And we were going to be okay.

The next day, it had gotten worse, but it was official, and let it go down in the record that Ev got his very first shiner that day of 111 degrees and sunny when we rode the brown line to the union.

It was even worse on day 3, but today, i'm happy to report that aside from a very dark red scab and a little pale blueish color, he is doing well.
And I only cry a little now when I see it and realize that his beautiful litle face that reminds me of my best friend and hubby, will probably have many more bumps and bruises along the way, and secretly wish full facial helmets were all the rage for the fall fashion season.
Ah well.
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