Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Evan!

I had always wished for a child whose birthday fell iin summer. Emma's is always snowy and cold, like the hubby and mines. So when sweet Evan was born in July, i was all "Hooray! Yahoo!! Swim party!!" and all that jazz.
Fast forward four years and we are celebrating our annual evanversary in the humid Oklahoma heat....again.
But this time, it was set on the hottest day of the year - and even though it had a 6pm start time, it was still 105!
But, the kids were happy in the pool hot tub and when the cake came out, we were happy they had swam so much that their tummies rumbled because we had exactly 5 minutes before that cake melted into a sugar encrusted puddle.
But it didnt. They gobbled it up and it was nothing but a few streaks of blues and greens on little lips within minutes.

 I had just come out to bring and cut the cake, and within that small time frame, I had sweat rolling down my face.
I kid you not:
 But as the sun slowly faded, it took a few degrees with it, and Courtney and i decided to start blowing up lighted balloons for the afta-partay - a night swim.
Court - why do you look at me like I just asked if tuna was chicken or fish?!? ;)
The night swim was a HUGE success. 

 Choreographed to the Beetles 1 album, it was loud and fun.
And who doesn't love a rave for their 4th birthday?!? :)
The youngest guest - Baby J, fell asleep soon after, and I couldnt keep my eyes off those cheeks!
 Cheers, honey!
We've made it FOUR years since this little man made his arrival into the family!
Happy Birthday, Evan!
We love you!!

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  1. I love night swims! Walmart has these light up orbs that float. They change color too and we love them!


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