Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sending May out with a fond farewell...

As the end of May wound down, I found myself in a whirlwind of end-of-the-year activities, and I remember thinking how I couldn't WAIT until summer would be here so that the kids and I could spend our long hot days together doing what we pleased. Now that it's here, I can look back on May and be glad it came, but be gladder to see it go.
(I seriously know that's not a word, but it sounded good enough, right?)

Well, Evan's soccer season ended with him making TWO goals, which is really really awesome, considering he had a few older girls on the team that slayed the ball every game. You can see him running away with the ball and scoring right before they got to him.
 We are SO proud of you, Ev, (and your awesome coach as well!)
That was a wonderous first soccer season!!
On May 18th, baby J was born.
This is one special baby, I tell ya.
Our dear friends have waited for this child for years now, and here he came, all wrinkly and beautiful, making his mark on the hearts of so many people.
His sister is in heaven with our sweet Eli, and the wait for them to be sent this sibling was long and exhausting, but well worth the wait.
(Enough to bring me out of my photography retirement, even!)
So, now, I introduce you to baby Joseph in all his miraculous glory...
(and probably my most favorite photo shoot ever!)

 Welcome to this crazy, wonderful world, little guy! You've come to the right place. :)

Do you remember Evan and his caterpillar? He has always had a soft spot for the little multi-legged creatures that find their ways to his tiny hands, and this day it was no different, as a sweet ladybug decided to bid him hello.

 he watched her for a long, long time, as we sat there in the wind outside that day. I was sure she would fly off to her home, but she seemed perfectly content crawling all over my little boy, who seemed perfectly content letting her.


Memorial weekend is known across the land for, among other things, opening the pool. Being the rebels we are, we decided to open it the weekend before. Emma and Claudia couldn't wait for it to fill, so they played in it for hours while the water level rose higher and higher.
 When it finally was full (the next day), the kids hopped in and broke it in well.

Come on down! The water's fine!
 Now, if you don't want to feel old (or listen to me feel old, anyway), read no further! My baby brother had a birthday, you see, and the fact that he turned 26 is rather a shock. I've gotten to the age that I can't actually remember how old I am when asked. I actually remember thinking people were either pretending to not know, or just so old that Alzeimer's had struck them already when I was young and met folks like this, yet here I am, and when I relaize that the baby is 26...well....that makes me a whole lot older.

 Happy Birthday to baby Brock!! Who is starting this 26th year with a new job, a new giant sized rear view mirror (that I should have bought a second for me), and a renewal of faith and love from a big sister who continues to believe in him, wherever his ventures take him.


The end of May brought our first harvest of the annual zucchini squash garden. There were two, ready to be gobbled and that's the magic number around here.

 Emma picked hers first.
(age and gender both work to her advantage, and she reminds Evan of it every time.)

...and then she helped Evan pick his. 

So for the last dinner of June, we had buttered, pan fried zucchini, fresh from Castro Farms. 

...and BOY was it good!
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  1. Thank you for coming out of retirement for Joseph's photo shoot. His pictures are awesome!


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