Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pool, Pond, PLAYDATE!

So, yesterday, we headed to Evan's friend's house for a playdate in her new house! Her mom, another FAB play-at-home mom, told us to bring washable markers so we could tatt up the kiddos pre-splash. And boy, did we ever :)
Evan Potter...
 Ethan, P.I.
 ...and the rest of the colorful gang.
 The girls were totally into drawing fabulous casts, rainbows, make-up, and nerd glasses on each other...
 ...while the boys were just happy checking the filters for critters.
(and their hunt went well. One bloated frog and a handful of {gasp!} june bugs!!)
Then it was off to the pool to wash it all off in a colorful splash! 
 There was a quick snack of pretzel sticks before our next adventure...
 ...which was heading down to the pond to catch a frog or two.

 Unfortunately, the frogs evaded us, including the big ol' bullfrog, but we managed to collect baseballs, tennis balls, a football, the bottom half of a turtle shell, and an attempt to grab a frog but really was a water snake.
SO, the bys headed back to drive the gator while the girls hit the bubbly hot tub and we put things away because the thunder had arrived and was warning us of the impending downfall, which started as soon as we started to drive home.
Thanks for the GREAT morning, W family! We had a BLAST and we love your new home!

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