Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey, June

Last weekend was my inlaw's annual camping trip, so we packed up for an evening under the oak trees with family.
This was the first time in years that all three of their children have made it for the event, and cheers were in order.
 Emma gained a new friend, Anna, which she was happy about because the fam is a little boy heavy.
 The girls had made our tent their base during what seemed to be a mini version of the hunger games or something. It was pretty funny.

 The guys played poker as the sun sank lower into the lake.
 ...and the fire roared, making the cool evening warm and cozy.

 My papi & Mami with an assortment of grandkids...
 ...and me running off with my s'mores ingredient of choice.
 The night was realllllly cold for me, but the other three slept just fine. We woke in the morning to a pancake breakfast over the campfire. Yum!
 Of course, I go nowhere without a tube o' Bubbles!
 The Einsteins with two of their 3 cousins from Auntie Laura - Melia (also 3) & Brite (also 9).
 Evan and his Tada in their matching wife-beaters. :)

 It finally warmed up enough to get in the pool, and the kids loved having Tada push them around on the jetskis.

 Landing a jump:
 Hubby & his cousin David, with his son Michael (ALSO 3!)

We had a great time, and can't wait until next year!

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