Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The rest of April...

I know. We're half way through May, and I am presenting you with April, but hey, you could always use a little rainbow egg pictures to brighten your day, right? Right.
Well, when I uploaded these, I couldn't believe how long it felt since Niecey had visited! It's almost time for her to fly on back and put up with our crazy life once again!
Here they are, doing the annual egg dye...
...and the little man, of course :)

The sweets and treats the Easter bunny left!

The last Ressurection egg was opened, and even Evan could tell you the whole Easter story.

Since hubby feels so much better than a year ago, he has picked up running to keep his body healthy. His first 5K was the "Remember the Ten Run" at OSU. Originally, my brother, Kurt was supposed to run this for us all, but after being deployed, that wasn't possible, so Cap't Awesome stepped up and ran with our friends Courtney & Sam.

Meanwhile, I excercised my shutter finger and sat in the shade and took pictures and clapped for those who needed clapping (although I think it probably just embarassed them even more)

Evan had an ice cream social & Art Show at preschool, that we were all eager to attend.

The children got to choose their own piece for the show, and name it. Evan's contribution was called "The Dark".

Now, on to May...

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