Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Days

Now, just because my post is super late, it doesn't mean that I didn't take the einstein's stats on the first, because I totally did! It's a given.
(and oh what shall i do when em heads off to college?!? I guess her flying the nest gift will be a scale and tape measure!
So, you wanna know old I'm getting?!?
I was texted by the mom of a student I had in pre-k that her son was graduating 8th grade!
EIGHTH grade!
So of course, I just had to had to had to go and see little Brett walk that stage once again.
Here we are at pre-k graduation...
...and he is my sweet  little guy now...

 Umm, yeah.
That's depressing.
Andrew (who now goes by the big kid version of his name, "Drew", apparently), another little guy from the SAME pre-k class o' mine, was graduating that day as well!
 Aaaaaaaand, now I'm the short one.
(See why I decided against teaching secondary??)
to these two sweet boys and their families.
I cannot wait to see them again as they venture off to college.
So, back to my still-little-boy.
We had a "Muffins with Mommy" day to celebrate Mother's Day at school. And although it's kinda hard to juggle being the teacher AND the guest of honor, I did it, and had fun, and loved my little peanut all the while, and was ever so happy that I am a mother.
A very loved mother.
 Other Mother's Day events:
Water play day out in the backyard with my boys - Ev and the furboys.
 (See if THIS doesn't remind you of snoopy dancing with his little beagle nose up in the air!)
 Chik-fil-a's Date Knight!
My ever so handsome date took me out for fine dining, roses, and snocones!
 A couple other mommas from our LifeGroup were finely dining there as well, and we had a whole army of knights!

 Our favorite snocone stand was actually a bribe to keep me out of the germ ridden playground any longer. Our regular "licorice" stand, as Evan calls it (I have NO idea) is close to our preschool, so we always walk from there.
Here are Ethan and his brothers enjoying a nice snocone licorice with Evan ;)
 As usual, the green tounge.
 Evan was reading this sign to Ethan:
 It doesn't say what you think.
The actual translation according to a three year old is:
"If you have to go potty, it's that way"
I guess I can see that...
The other evening, it was a little cooler, and we decided it was the perfect evening for a marshmallow roast. So cap't awesome lit 'er up...

 ...and the roasting of the ginormous marshmallows began!

On the morning of Mother's Day, i awoke to this:
 Pink strawberry milk and a heart quesadilla.
Em had worked hard on a breakfast for a mom who doesn't like breakfast foods, and she hit the nail on the head!
It was SO sweet.
Summer fever has hit us all, and we are anxiously awaiting school to end!
Em has been having friends over to play after school now that extra curriculars are ending.
These two were acting so silly!

Evan's graduation from preschool was last week. We had a carnival with lots of fun activities and a picnic lunch with families.
 Then, they all waited patiently to go up on stage to get their diplomas.

 We are SO proud of you, sweet Evan! You are growing up to be such a fun, smart, and kind little boy with a heart and soul that shines for all to see.
 Here I am with my co-teachers, Mallory & Melanie.
Emma recieving her award at her cheer ceremony last weekend. Their team took first place in their last competition, along with highest points and judhes favorite.
Our lifegroup got together for a picnic lunch at the park last weekend as well. The kids had a blast playing while we caught up on summer plans and such with the parents.
Good times, my friends, good times.
So here we are, up to almost today, and we have already hung our newest Summer Checklist!
(Woo hoo!! Hooray!!)
Obviously, I have once again cheated by creating on the list things that we have already done, but i'm pretty sure we'll do it again...
Have a great day!

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