Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Autism Awareness day

Did you wear your blue yesterday for autism awareness? This spectrum disorder strikes close to my heart because of my best friend's son, Ayden, who is the apple of my eye. We have a special bond, and he means so much more to me than he will ever know...of course, one day he may read my various birthday emails and maybe catch of glimpse of my insane adoration. :)

Yesterday, his momma made these AWESOME cupcakes for school, and I was SO happy that Ayden's school celebrated this day in such a way that promotes awareness in their school and community.

Another blogger friend of mine has an ADORABLE little boy with autism as well. His sweet sister is so amazing to me, the ways that she knows this little boy and his ways, and I think that Rooster is overly blessed with a mother that devotes so much to learning and living for this cause every minute of every day. She is an amazing mom..

I've been wanting to share this with all the readers out there, because had I shared it with Ayden's family sooner, they would have been there even sooner! Our church has a special needs childcare program during our services. Founded by a young college guy with a passion for special needs children, they get to know the children, and find a volunteer to connect with and stay with your child during one of our church services. I made the mistake that thinking Ayden's family already had a church home, that they wouldn't e interested. Thanks to his teaching aide, who also attends our church, they found out about it and joined us the next week. Ayden had become so verbal that he wasn't able to sit through the services at their church any longer, and they didn't feel he could be comfortable in the sunday school class with everyone else.

So, if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a volunteer to help out with this mission, or interested in attending, come on over to LifeChurch in Stillwater! I can meet you there and get you started! (In fact, our Easter services are many - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!)

Hope to see you there!
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