Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An April Fools For the Books!

Happy April!

On April 1st, April Fool's Day, the hubby and I were a constant source of April fooling when it came to Emma. Disneyland had been destroyed by earthquake, Vegas sank in the sea, and her "sister" Niecey was coming that night. All were met by a tilted head, a amirk, and a "mooooo-ooooom" or "daaaaaaaad", and "April Fools, I know!". So when I told her I was headed to the city that night (late, I might add), she wanted to go as well. I mean, she is female, after all, and that gives us an extra gene that gives us the urge to visit target at all times. So off we went at 11pm on a school night to the city with Uncle Brock in tow (in case I was too tired to drive home) to Target, which was really the airport to get Niecey.
 (and although it matches nicely, that actually IS my purse, sitting there making my brother look like a fashionable man with a murse LOL!)
Em was cpmpletely suprised, and it was the BEST April fools joke EVER!
(even if it was delayed until 2am!)

The next day, delirious without sleep, I took off work, sent the boys to school, and had a non-napping day with the giggly girls.
First, they planted flowers and played in the sand box...

 ...and then decided to do some nature drawings of birds and stuff outside, including the 5 baby eggs!
 So, we packed up a picnic lunch and headed out to the gardens to get some more nature to draw.

 Soon enough, it was time to pick up the boys from school. It was uber hot, so we walked across the street from the school to the sno-cone stand.
 We got 2 cotton candy strawberry creme mixes, a pina colada, and a green ninja turtle.
Is it apparent his favorite color is green? :) 

 After snocones and sweating, it was home for homework and bathes, dinner and an evening swinging the sun to rest.

Happy April!
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