Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update on the Mister

Friday was the follow-up CTScan for the lesion that they found in hubby's abdomen the end of the year. So we drove down to the city for the appointment and had time to grab some Schlotzsky's and head home to grab the kids. So, yesterday we went back to get the results and give some blood and hopefully shed our anxieties. As we waited in the waiting room, I heard an elderly man telling the receptionist that he was told that he was in remission. He was so proud of himself and I was even more happy, but I was sad at the same time.
It's hard because we can never be told that he's in remission. Not for sure, really. Ever. I wish that this was a cancer like most people's - that can be seen in blood markers and such. I wish that in 5 years we could let our shoulders down and breathe a huge sigh of relief and tell the receptionist that we're in remission, and she'd give us a good strong hug and tell us she's happy.
I wish that when those big brown eyes that look just like their dad's ask me if daddy is done with cancer, that I could tell them YES! and not have bad thoughts in the back of my head or fears of a future "but you said..." moment.
I wish that there was a for sure cure, that he could have lost all his beautiful hair and lymph nodes for a darn sure cause and it was 100%.
But wishes are just hopes that you put extra hope into, and I thank God  EVERY. DAY. that he's here for another day, another birthday, another funeral, another report card, another night of falling asleep to snoring, another sunny day, another argument, another breath.
Oh gosh, am i rambling again?
well, how's this:

CTScan looked good.
Nothing else to report at this time.

We'll go back in another 3 months and hopefully get the same results.

Hooray!! Hooray!!
Now go out and enjoy this GORGEOUS day!!
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  1. And in another three months the same results and so on...


  2. Yah - hooooooo! And we always either go to Teds or Schlotzskys when we go to OKC!


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