Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some days...

There are some days that you find yourself struggling for even a double digit count of blessings, but there are others that you can't stop giving thanks for everything and anything. Days like these are wonderful, powerful, and blessed. These are the days that...

...you find beauty in a small nest when it takes your breath away that there's just one more egg than you thought! There are now 5 eggs, and the babies have their names - Kurt, Heidi, Alex, Gretchen, and Erich. What a wonderful surprise!  A rare clutch of FIVE babies!

...the weather is so perfect for spring cleaning and yard work that you do exactly NOT that. Just sit back and feel the sun on your tired skin, drinking a cold glass of grape soda and watch little boys build mud pies and chocolate soup from the back of a Tonka truck.

...we have family that love us unconditionally, and know we feel the same way about them without having to call or visit all the time.

...the wind blows straight through the house bringing the scent of hydrangeas and wisteria all throughout the dark and dusty corners of our rooms.

...there is a young mother out there that is carrying a child for a couple that we love so dearly that it tears us apart that this road has been so long for them.

...we live in a neighborhood that is close enough to school and safe enough that big sister can ride her bike to and from school, chasing the Oklahoma winds all the way home to her momma!

...friends stop by just to say hello and isn't it such a lovely day that I thought I would find you in your back yard watching the boys play and the birds chirp and the wind blow, and I knew you'd love a Happy Hour drink form Sonic. :)

...there aren't enough spots on the enrollment forms to list all the "people to contact in the event that we cannot contact parents" people for next year's school enrollment. How blessed we are to have so many people in our lives that we can count on to answer their phones, drop everything, and pick up a sick child, should we not be able to.

...hubby makes it home for lunch and his little boy can't get out of the sand box quick enough to clamber up into his arms and tell him a tale of NASCAR.

These are the days that we have enough, and our cup runneth over.

Enjoy this day...
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