Friday, March 2, 2012

March forth!

March has arrived in beautiful form this year. The high today was 82 with the spring winds that this month is known for. Evan and I had big plans for the day : to do nothing, but everything, outside all day. No make-up, no matching clothes, just us in all our glory. The sun kissed our faces, long tired of the winter's chill, and the warmth felt good on our skin.

We moved dirt from here to there, we repotted plants, we raked leaves, and relaid walking paths. We took a small break during lunch, and another as Happy Hour came about and had our usual Vanilla Dr. Pepper and Green Apple "Splush". When we returned home the boys played with the playhouse, making restaurants and families and "bad guy" hideouts, not a care in the world, and how blessed are we for that? As I watched our son running behind big Tonka trucks full of sand, I closed my eyes and thanked God for this little boy, who over 5 years ago, I feared would never come to pass. And now, here I sit, watching this three-year old miracle running and jumping and sliding and laughing, and I know that prayers are answered.
I hope you all enjoyed your day!

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