Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heidi: Ver. 34 point O.

I write to you today as a newly turned 34 year old. And it's not all that bad. I don't feel any different than yesterday. Okay, well, maybe a bit worse. My arms are KILLING me and I think my legs are still attached, but I can't be sure - but I'm pretty positive that's just the after affects of a kickboxing class I started this very morning.
But, yesterday the hubs and I celebrated our birthdays again, but this one is a big event - this marks our decade of birthdays together! (Well, knowing each other, that is!)
TEN years of sharing my birthday with my BFF, It's not total blah, really. We get to say "Happy Birthday!" in passing ALL day and be able to reply "You too!!". How many people can hang with THAT?!? ;)
We both worked on our birthday, but the preschoolers are much more into celebrating birthdays than the guys down at the engineering firm (boooo! hisssss!), and they made me this awesome crown (in PINK no less!) to wear throughout the day!
I DID, however, remove it for our class photo (not that it wouldn't have been SO posh to wear it and go down in history as the queen of preschool...)
My co-teacher made me a big chocolate cake and we had a baked potato lunch and it was awesomely tummy filling delight!
After school a friend came by bearing gifts (woot!) and among other things, this ADORABLE nest o' birdies (in PINK AGAIN!!)
(perhaps my favorite color is a bit too well it that obvious?!)
Oh, but LOOK! just how stinkin' cute they are!!
They remind me of the Featherbys from last spring, which reminds me that I bought new porch ferns for the return of the birds this spring, and ALREADY they are flying right in! (And here I thought I was early!) And in the evening, my dad and Darla took us out for some yummy Bad Brad's BBQ and strawberry cake and we went to bed with full bellies and sweet dreams.

Other news:
  • I rented a lawn aerator this past weekend and hubbs aerated the yards and I spread grass seed and we're praying for grass to grow in the balding yard out back (oh pleeeeease, pleeeease!), so the monsterous rains that come through early this morning were a welcome sight for me, so I don't have to water and water and water the mud today! (Yessssss!)
  • I am really really sad that Davy Jones passed away. I was anxiously awaiting his OK concert to be rescheduled, but perhaps that won't come to call now. Anyhow, in my sorrows, I played my Monkee records (okay, not records, but that's totally how you have to refer to Monkee songs as. There's no CD or MP3 lingo out there when it comes to Daydream Believer or 7a...). Anyway, so while I back there in my bellbottoms and peace-y flare, I downloaded the Beetles onto my phone, and I can STILL say, that after all these years, "All you need is love" STILL bothers me. I know. It's been decades and it's a huge hit song and it's awesome, I really know. But WHY oh why do the lyrics sound like they are off a beat from the music?!? It's like when the preschoolers start trying to rap with Schoolhouse Rock! Way off there, kiddos! AH, but whatever. Not a biggie. Beetles, right?
(Still not close to Monkees, but...)
  • I was suprised yesterday at the number of texts and emails I got wishing me a Happy Birthday. Why? Well, I deleted FACEBOOK, remember?!?! Who the heck keeps track of a lame ol' birthday without the help of Fb reminding you? Answer: Some pretty awesome peoples. (Yes, Nickle, you are included, even though you fail-comma-epic-ed.) :) And Ed - yes, I thought of you and 7A the moment I heard, and we must reminisce soon...
  • Tomorrow is hubby's CTScan. The lesion they found a few months ago must be looked at for changes (or not), to tell if it's bad or good(ish). If you have an extra prayer in your pocket, you might consider sending one up for this great man we all love and his darn lesion that has turned many a hair grey on my newly 34 year old head!

Have a great Thursday! I'm off to bake some banana bread and cancel all those kickboxing calories lost! :)

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  1. Everyone should have a pink crown on their birthday. =)

    Sounds like a wonderful celebration all day long. Oh, and sending some positive thoughts your way for hubby.


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