Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some days...

There are some days that you find yourself struggling for even a double digit count of blessings, but there are others that you can't stop giving thanks for everything and anything. Days like these are wonderful, powerful, and blessed. These are the days that...

...you find beauty in a small nest when it takes your breath away that there's just one more egg than you thought! There are now 5 eggs, and the babies have their names - Kurt, Heidi, Alex, Gretchen, and Erich. What a wonderful surprise!  A rare clutch of FIVE babies!

...the weather is so perfect for spring cleaning and yard work that you do exactly NOT that. Just sit back and feel the sun on your tired skin, drinking a cold glass of grape soda and watch little boys build mud pies and chocolate soup from the back of a Tonka truck.

...we have family that love us unconditionally, and know we feel the same way about them without having to call or visit all the time.

...the wind blows straight through the house bringing the scent of hydrangeas and wisteria all throughout the dark and dusty corners of our rooms.

...there is a young mother out there that is carrying a child for a couple that we love so dearly that it tears us apart that this road has been so long for them.

...we live in a neighborhood that is close enough to school and safe enough that big sister can ride her bike to and from school, chasing the Oklahoma winds all the way home to her momma!

...friends stop by just to say hello and isn't it such a lovely day that I thought I would find you in your back yard watching the boys play and the birds chirp and the wind blow, and I knew you'd love a Happy Hour drink form Sonic. :)

...there aren't enough spots on the enrollment forms to list all the "people to contact in the event that we cannot contact parents" people for next year's school enrollment. How blessed we are to have so many people in our lives that we can count on to answer their phones, drop everything, and pick up a sick child, should we not be able to.

...hubby makes it home for lunch and his little boy can't get out of the sand box quick enough to clamber up into his arms and tell him a tale of NASCAR.

These are the days that we have enough, and our cup runneth over.

Enjoy this day...
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!

It's that week of no school havin', late sleepin', just the kids and me time, and let me tell you - I. Was. Ready!
We had plans, as usual, but as they say, you can plan a perfect picnic but you can't control the weather, and that goes three fold in Oklahoma! It ended up raining almost the whole week, which was good and not so good, but we made the best of it, I mean, let's face it folks, we're pretty good at that. Toss us some more lemons! We're runnin' outta lemonade!
The rain was actually a welcome friend, I have to say. After all that aerating and fertilizing and seeding and such, I was ready to not have to water the little buggers, too. Thankfully heaven stepped in and helped a momma out on this fab spring break of ours, and I spent my days in ways other than moving sprinklers here and there and all around the lawns.
Emma seemed to either have a friend over, or be at at friend's house every day of the week, and at this age, it doesn't really get much better than that, right? (*wipes tears off face)
One day, Em and Alexis started the day off playing a slew of board games. And by slew, I mean like went through our entire game collection, and by entire game collection, I'm talking 3 garage cabinets full. Yet, somehow, nine year old girls can get through a game of monopoly in 5 minutes that takes us adults an entire Saturday morning, so soon after their last game of "sorry", they were itching for more.

They decided they needed a new game, and Em invented her own Littlest Pet Shop board game. The funniest thing? It's never ending. Yep. Seriously. You can play it all freaking week and it could, technically never end. By the end of the afternoon, it was a fabulous game, with money, cards, colored playing board, and even a box! Impressed yet?

Another rainy day that ended up being just a bit cloudy and rain threatening but nothing all too wet, we drove up to Oklahoma City to play some laser tag. The big kids tagged laser style while the mommas and the Evan walked around the little shopping center window shopping.

On the way home, that little window shopper quite heavily dozed off to dreamland....

So, I stayed in the car with sleeping handsomeness while the others ventured into Pops to choose their various sodas.

One great thing about living in a college town - breaks in school mean our streets look like this:
Isn't that creepy and awesome all in one?!
So on Friday, when the heavens decided that the grass seeds had their fill, and the sun shone and the earth stretched its thirsty-no-more legs, Evan and I ventured back to the sand lot to get another ton of sand for the box. Getting to watch the giant dozer dump it in the back of the truck was, in itself, clearly a top sight for any three year old.
We wheelbarrowed sand from the truck to the box ALLLLLLLLLL afternoon until hubby came home and took over, which he finished soon after. (yay!)
The yard was starting to look better...
(not pictured: impromptu neighborhood cookout! Woot!)

Saturday we headed to Lowes to pick up some more gate-fixing supplies and Ev got to build a message center with daddy, which is pretty much the coolest thing EVER if you're Evan.

Well, now did you just oh and aww over that cute little boy?! Of course you did, which is why you probably didn't notice my zucchini plants in the cart! Yes, folks, our annual zucchini plant trials is beginning again! (Seriously, I think the Hunger Games must have been based on our annual race to get the sole zucchini from the plants each year. Only ONE plant can win!,,)
In other gardenly news...my tulip has bloomed! Those Valentines tulips hubby brings each year keep on giving, don't they? :)
Our nest has FOUR baby eggs in it now! Über cute and small, and I can't wait until they hatch!! We're now taking name suggestions, though mom and dad are spoken for - Em has chosen two names from "house of Anubis", though I can't remember which couple it was right now....
She also decided to collect some more garden creatures today...

While I was completely happy smelling and resmelling my gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS wisteria.

I had planned this bed for my zucchini this year, but apparently our pumpkins claimed it first. Psh. Sooners..

So we set up this impromptu garden in the sun for the little baby vines, and we'll see how they do.
And then there were these two...
Calypso, on the prowl for any vermin attempting to eat our new veggie sprouts...
...and Dobby, guarding our yard with his ferocious snarled teeth and ever-so-scary growl...
Yeah, okay, so we all were pretty busy soaking up the sun, and not much else, but it was the PERFECT ending to our spring break :)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring has DEFINATELY sprung...

The weather this month has been absolutely, positively, wonderful! I've had the windows wide open for days and days now and only closed them last night because a big thunderstorm rolled in, which is nice for the plantlife and such.
Anyway, with such nice outside weather, I decided it was time to start the spring work around this ol' house! First up was the sand.
Remember last year when we built that box to level our pool? And I was going to fill it with sand so that we could avoid the deep/shallow end again? And i didn't do it because the heat got me and I filled it and dove head first in and never got out again? Welllllll, I'm getting around to it now,especially because now the einsteins can play in a gigantor sand box until summer's heat comes out to play.
Our friend, Sam drove his "sand tractor", as Evan says, down to help move the sand from the driveway back to the box.
 I have no idea why these are completely out of order, but let's just pretend I'm going all "Memento" on you, and you'll just have to put it in order by yourself. Challenge yourself, jell-o brain!! ;)
Anyway, here it is after the first load of sand was moved and raked.

 ...and there's always the Dobbster watching intently by...
 Evan got to help Sam put the bucket up and down, and he couldn't have been happier.
 Until, that is, he got to drive it back to Sam's house down the street. Check out the smile across that face!

 He yelled ALLLLLL the way back home, saying "Mommy!! Did you see me?!?! Did you see me drive the sand tractor with Sam?!?!"
 ...and then they moved in...
 ...and so did this guy...
 He's a beauty, isn't he?

So then comes our St. Patrick's day festivities! I made this uber cute terrarium full of clover for my LEGO leprechaun. He greeted our guests from his view from the entry table.
 These bunnies are all dressed in their green ribbons (which are now, as we speak, in all colors of Easter pastels) - goodness, how fast this month seems to be!
 My Valentine's Day orchids are still bloomimg beautifully - they have been outside all week!
 ...along with these sweet daffodils that I had bought for a different plan, but I fell in love with them, so they got planted in my blue pots outside, and I think they're just right darn happy here.
 Amongst a lotta other gardenlife, I ordered a dozen Giant Thuja trees to line the back fence. They make great wind, sound, and privacy screens, and grow 2-3 feet a year once they get established. Can't wait!
 (plus, they can block the few feet of lawn weeds beyond the row of daylillies that I neglect...)
 Emma's St. Patrick's Day hairdo - super easy, actually!
 Evan and I had our "Green Party" at school the Friday beforehand. We found a pot of gold a leprechaun had brought!
 And after school, we met Ms. Diane for frozen yogurt to celebrate the start of Spring Break!! Woo hoo!!
 Nom nom nom!
 On the actual day of St. Patrick, the kids awoke to leprechaun treats!

 And just look, look, LOOK at that sweet thank you I got from my little boy, who is NOT the hugging, kissing, cuddling type. So sweet!

 After getting dressed, we made our annual pilgrimmage to Eskimo Joe's for some green eggs & ham breakfast!

 Cold, green, eggs and ham. Yum.
It's tradition. It's tradition. It's tradition.
(Hey, at least it's pretty cheap!)

One of my porch ferns has a cute little nest in it already! Can you believe it?
 ...and my wisteria has bloomed...a LOT. I think it has twice as many blooms in this one bloom than all the blooms combined last year!
 ...and we'll end this update with sweet furry Harley, blind, hard of hearing, smelly, but the sweetest dog I have ever known.
Happy March, everyone!
May the luck of the Irish (and everyone else!) be with you!!

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