Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One More Day

It seems as though when I face fear or pain or hurt, the "one more"s come shining through. Just one more surgery until we can relax for awhile, just one more month and he'll be delivered safe. One more hour until his flight lands safely, just one more sunrise and we've made it through the dark.

 I often think, when someone I loves passes on, that if I had one more day with them, I could convince them to stay, convince them to finish work unfinished here on Earth, hug them so tightly that God himself could not pry them from my arms.
But one more day doesn't apply to His plans, only ours.

What would you do if you had just one more day?
Because tomorrow, we kinda do.
One more day in the year than we usually do. 24 more hours to catch up on deadlines that expire once the ides of March come blowing in. One more day that will give you one more day for the rest of the year.

Will you spend it the same as you do every other day? Will you save it for a rainy day in May? Or will you savor it for all it's worth? Need some ideas?
  • Disneyland and Times Square will be open 24/7 on Leap Day, you could fly out - just rob a bank and go!
  • Buy a new watch!
  • Read about Rip Van Winkle and his long nap
  • Make a family time capsule and bury it until the next leap year
  • Pay your bills - there's an extra day! OR, put off doing your taxes for the same reason (yep, that's me!)
  • Remind your loved ones that you are so blessed to have them for yet one more day
  • Keep track of all the blessings you recieve on this one day - they're all greater because they're extra bonuses! Like Clinique bonus week!!
  • Go to Subway - their February $5 foot longs should still be around!

You have one more day.
Make it count!
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