Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life, bullet style

  • Last week I got the ever-so-wonderful strep throat. It really sucked. And to top it off, I wrote a blog from my deathbed and it wouldn't post - I guess there was a bug with the app. Booooo!
  • Because of that, I was off work for most of the week, which was fun having hubby home, but no fun that we could go on exciting adventures instead of slurping bowls of chicken soup together. Eh, you take what you can get, right? ;)
  • Went to see "The Lady in Black". It was good, and I am thankful that I have two girlfriends that will go see spooky movies with me, otherwise, I'd never get to go.
  • Planted some of the 500 trees my dad had ordered to further reforest his land. (with some help, of course!)

  •  Watched the super bowl, in pajama pants, filling my belly with 7 layer dip and chips, happy that the Giants won.
  • Added another crab to the crabitat. Oh, wait, didn't I tell you about that?!? Ugh. Well look forward to that blog...
  • Made a new mommy friend while having a lovely lunch with a current momma friend and our boys. (yay!)
  • Em has started a countdown chain until her birthday. Every day it gives me more stress because I feel so behind, since I havent bought a single gift or party favor, but then I remember, it's okay, she's given up her party this year for bigger better things...
  • Hubby is able to make iphone apps now. Any requests for a well-needed app? ;)
  • We had a big thunderstorm here. Lightning hit one of the dorms and also a light post outside Em's school. Yikes. But it was SOOOOO nice to get rain, and thunder. And the kids like the aftermath...

    SO, now you're caught up.
    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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    1 comment:

    1. It really was nice to have some rain.

      Glad you're feeling better. Been dealing with the crud too, but all better! =)


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