Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daddy & Daughter Dance 2012

Things have been such a blur this month. I truly feel like I'm catching up just to trip and fall behind again! But, as the litttle boy sleeps his precious head, I found these photos, which reminded me that I had not blogged the 2012 Daddy & Daughter Dance just yet!

This is always a special event for the two. In fact, this marks their 5th year going!
It brings me to my knees every year when I pull out the camera to take their pictures, thanking God for all I have in these two. The evening is special. When she gets home from school, we begin, as a mother dressing her daughter for a royal ball. The dress she maticulously chooses for the event is laid out on her bed and she pulls it on over her smiling face, looking anxiously at me at it disappears under ruffles of fabric, only to glow with pride when she sees herself in the mirror. As I curl her hair, she tells me of all the fun things she's going to do with her daddy, and where they'll eat. It's all i can do to keep the tears from rolling down my face as I picture this day, years in the future, as I dress my princess for her wedding day, and she talks of life plans and dreams, and cabbages and kings, and I try to listen, but hear only the sound of my little girl, being swept away into an exciting new world away from daddy daughter dances and bedtime kisses.
It's a future that will come all too soon, and so I rejoyce in these small moments when she plays big, but stays small.
My little girl.

Hubby gave her a necklace this year. I teared up as he hung it around her neck, looking so small under her curls. It was a beautiful gold and silver butterfly.
And she adored it.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this man, who brings my children so much more than fathering, but an example for our children on how a husband treats a wife, on how a daddy raises a child, and the knowledge that she will ALWAYS be good enough by just being Emma.

 I love you so much.

Daddy & Daughter Dance
February 10th, 2012

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