Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One More Day

It seems as though when I face fear or pain or hurt, the "one more"s come shining through. Just one more surgery until we can relax for awhile, just one more month and he'll be delivered safe. One more hour until his flight lands safely, just one more sunrise and we've made it through the dark.

 I often think, when someone I loves passes on, that if I had one more day with them, I could convince them to stay, convince them to finish work unfinished here on Earth, hug them so tightly that God himself could not pry them from my arms.
But one more day doesn't apply to His plans, only ours.

What would you do if you had just one more day?
Because tomorrow, we kinda do.
One more day in the year than we usually do. 24 more hours to catch up on deadlines that expire once the ides of March come blowing in. One more day that will give you one more day for the rest of the year.

Will you spend it the same as you do every other day? Will you save it for a rainy day in May? Or will you savor it for all it's worth? Need some ideas?
  • Disneyland and Times Square will be open 24/7 on Leap Day, you could fly out - just rob a bank and go!
  • Buy a new watch!
  • Read about Rip Van Winkle and his long nap
  • Make a family time capsule and bury it until the next leap year
  • Pay your bills - there's an extra day! OR, put off doing your taxes for the same reason (yep, that's me!)
  • Remind your loved ones that you are so blessed to have them for yet one more day
  • Keep track of all the blessings you recieve on this one day - they're all greater because they're extra bonuses! Like Clinique bonus week!!
  • Go to Subway - their February $5 foot longs should still be around!

You have one more day.
Make it count!
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daddy & Daughter Dance 2012

Things have been such a blur this month. I truly feel like I'm catching up just to trip and fall behind again! But, as the litttle boy sleeps his precious head, I found these photos, which reminded me that I had not blogged the 2012 Daddy & Daughter Dance just yet!

This is always a special event for the two. In fact, this marks their 5th year going!
It brings me to my knees every year when I pull out the camera to take their pictures, thanking God for all I have in these two. The evening is special. When she gets home from school, we begin, as a mother dressing her daughter for a royal ball. The dress she maticulously chooses for the event is laid out on her bed and she pulls it on over her smiling face, looking anxiously at me at it disappears under ruffles of fabric, only to glow with pride when she sees herself in the mirror. As I curl her hair, she tells me of all the fun things she's going to do with her daddy, and where they'll eat. It's all i can do to keep the tears from rolling down my face as I picture this day, years in the future, as I dress my princess for her wedding day, and she talks of life plans and dreams, and cabbages and kings, and I try to listen, but hear only the sound of my little girl, being swept away into an exciting new world away from daddy daughter dances and bedtime kisses.
It's a future that will come all too soon, and so I rejoyce in these small moments when she plays big, but stays small.
My little girl.

Hubby gave her a necklace this year. I teared up as he hung it around her neck, looking so small under her curls. It was a beautiful gold and silver butterfly.
And she adored it.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this man, who brings my children so much more than fathering, but an example for our children on how a husband treats a wife, on how a daddy raises a child, and the knowledge that she will ALWAYS be good enough by just being Emma.

 I love you so much.

Daddy & Daughter Dance
February 10th, 2012

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

NINE. The number of months in pregnancy, players on a baseball field, and the number of planets before Pluto got demoted to Star Planet. And as of yesterday, the number of years that my sweet baby girl has graced the Earth with her presence. NINE. The last year of single digit age, the first year of childhood (as opposed to early childhood), and the year we finally made it to Dallas.
You see, last year, she had made the choice to give up a party with friends and balloons and cake and the whole nine yards for a trip to American Girl Place in Dallas. And it was in the works, and things were getting finalized, but before the concrete dried, Hubby's diagnosis came through and we convinced her that maybe a small party with her doll and some friends and their dolls would suffice, and she was happy with that, but it was never gone for good from that little girl's mind, and when plans for the big NINE started coming about, the venture to Dallas once again came about, and we were determined to get her there.
Thursday I had everyone packed to go and Em's bestie slept over so she'd be ready for the early departure Friday morning. I helped the girls decorate their lap desks for the trip that evening before bed. There wasn't a whole lotta sleeping going on in that girly room that night, though! I heard giggles and plans being planned long into the night when I finally fell asleep.
Friday morning we woke early and piled into the car for the 4 hour drive south.

By the time we reached OKC, the girls were well into the entries in their travel journals (which, by the way, were STUPENDOUSLY funny, by the time we went home!). I had stuffed their "busy bags" with journals, pencils & pens, stickers, American Girl craft packets, and other such things to keep the "How much longer"s away.

Shortly before the state line, we stopped at a "Scenic Overlook". It was a hill from which you could see the formation lines of the rock that they had dug out for the highway to go through. It wasn't so scenic besides the vast amounts of flies waiting like rabid animals for the newest stream of trucker urine. Ew. Good thing I armed everyone with new B&BW hand sanitizers! Yay!

I don't remember the time, but the girls have it recorded (to the minute, on everything!) when we crossed into Texas. It had just begun raining, and so we quickly ran inside to potty (after a forced photo mini session on the Texas sign, of course)

Luchtime arrived, and we stopped at a shady looking Dairy Queen right off the highway. So shady, in fact, that we decided we'd rather eat a la car instead of going inside. I had put together these eating baskets for the kids pre-trip that helped keep the nasty fries off my floorboards (with more germ-x!) My drink was about the size of a half gallon o milk, but they say everything in Texas is bigger, so, I guess they were under pressure to  comply...

Our check-in time wasn't until 3pm, so we headed to the AG store first. As the building came into sight, there were shrill squeals from the back seat that were probably enough to make that poor groundhog not ever want to come out and see his shadow ever again. Ever.

The girls shopped in amazement for hours.
It was super cute, I'm just glad this is one of the small ones!
They were SO excited when they saw that their doll (or one just like it) was modelling this outfit or that, and had SO many things packed in their bulging shopping bags that in the end, we had to find a good spot to calculate the totals and keep each girl on their budget.
We had an appointment later on for an afternoon tea, but since we were there, and we had just eaten lunch, we sat down for a drink.

We decided on milkshakes all around and a dessert sampler (because shakes aren't dessert enough for this crew!)

 Look at that waitress sing!
Happy Biiiiirrrrthday, dear Emma!

By the time we left, we were loaded down with giant bags of pink goodies. I think hubby and evan were looking longingly at them, wishing they could be carried out inside them, and they probably could have fit!

It was time to head to the hotel!
We stayed right across the highway in the Galleria Hilton. Bestie's mom is a hotwire dot com expert and got us a great rate!
 Immediately, the girls unpacked their goodies. They had each bought a school desk set, so a small AG school was immediately built and played with for hours on end...
 ...while the men relaxed and watched TV.

The hotel had glass elevators that were lined with mirrors. It was a big hit with all the kids.
(okay, me and the hubs liked it, too.)

The Hilton had a free shuttle that would take you to and from the Galleria Shopping Center, so we hopped on it to eat dinner and go ice skating, but right after dinner, my tummy was feeling a little rumbly and Evan was breaking down from no napping, so he and I rode the shuttle home while hubby & the girls stayed to skate.

Now, here's where it starts to get ugly.
I feel like I should have some sort of TV warning label inserted here.
by the time the trio arrived "home", Ev was asleep and I was comfy as I could be in my fetal position with a rumbly tumbly, and the girls went to sleep with sore bums from skate falls and hubby with a headache.
around 2am
when hubby got sick.
Very sick.
Several times.

And then all was quiet.

The next morning, we were all feeling a little blah, but not all that bad, so we decided to head to the nearest grocery for some staying-in-the-hotel-all-day foods.

Soon after we got there, it struck Emma.

And after a looooong walk to the bathroom,

and several stops to leave DNA and last night's dinner in puddles on the floor,

we were rushing her out of the store with a produce bag around her mouth.

It felt like FOREVER until we got back to the room, and we all laid down. Me with my aching belly, hubby with his headache and sore tummy muscles, and poor Emma with her exploding mouth.
Evan and the bestie were okay, and luckily they had each other to keep company as the rest of us fell into a sleep.

We awoke later that day, and felt better. Not all better, but better - ish.
Hubby had plans to take Ev to a motorcross race that evening, and was debating on whether he felt well enough or not to go.
Either way, he was going to take the girls back on the shuttle to the AG store, as they had a couple more "must-haves" to pick up first.
Just as he was about to leave, I went to the bathroom.
As I stood up, in an INSTANT, I began POURING sweat from every pore in my body and I felt myself going weak. I called for John, who squeezed into the teeny tiny bathroom to help me back to bed. But it was too late by then. I knew something was wrong, really wrong.
I was going to pass out, and I was about 99% sure that I was going to die.
Right here.
In the teeny tiny bathroom.
On the dirty floor.
In (yech) TEXAS.
I just wanted hubby to hold me, and I remember praying over and over that I wasn't ready to go home yet.
I can't remember now, but when I awoke, I was sure i had been gone days - a week maybe. I had been walking around, doing things, seeing things, living, for a week, and then SNAP, I'm being pulled onto the hotel bed, like time travel.
So weird.

I could hear Emma crying and hubby telling them to pack up in case we had to go to the hospital.
I tried to tell her it was going to be okay, and I was sorry I ruined her birthday trip, but no words came out.

Within an hour I was okay. I was still sore and tired, but I wasn't sweating or anything. I chalked it up to stress of the fear of throwing up (besides a june bug in my hair, throwing up is at the top of my worst fear list).

Needless to say, we spent the night in bed, watching shows and playing with the dolls and such, and in the morning, we felt well enough to head home.
We went to ihop for breakfast, where they got my order wrong and dripped strawberry on my shirt, but the kids thought it was funny when I told them that vampire mommies nurse with blood instead of milk, and why hadn't they remembered that they were raised on blood??

One more stop on the way home...

And then we drove all the way back to our cute little home to our furry family members and our comfy old bed and nice big bathrooms.

And then...

It struck Evan.
yep, all night long hubby and i were changing sheets and washing sheets and trying to encourage use of the vomit bucket, which went by the wayside.

Yesterday, on her actual birthday, bestie and her mom came and took Em out so she wouldn't be stuck with the sickies for her birthday, and then she had dinner with her Grandad and Darla, who took her to get her favorite yellow curry chicken and Littlest Pet Shops.

And now, it's Tuesday, and everyone feels better.
I still have stomach cramps but other than that, I think we're doing okay.

And I don't want anymore stomach bugs EVER again.

Happy Birthday, dear Emma.
As eventful as they come, I do believe!
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Growin' Up Castro

Sometimes I really do wonder why I do this every month. All it ends up doing is making me rethink (again) about swaddling them up like mummies in hopes that they stop growing and remain my little babies all forever and a day.
But you can put down the phone. DHS can wait another day.
I won't mold them this day.
Although, I can still beg them to stop growing.
And stay small.
And fit just right in my lap at night.
And look up at me with big brown puppy dog eyes
And tell me how pretty I am, even in pajamas and unmatched socks, a falling down sock-bun hairdo, and a nutella covered knife stuck to my shirt.

I love these little einsteins.

So, please, can you slow down, you two?

Just for a day...

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Life, bullet style

  • Last week I got the ever-so-wonderful strep throat. It really sucked. And to top it off, I wrote a blog from my deathbed and it wouldn't post - I guess there was a bug with the app. Booooo!
  • Because of that, I was off work for most of the week, which was fun having hubby home, but no fun that we could go on exciting adventures instead of slurping bowls of chicken soup together. Eh, you take what you can get, right? ;)
  • Went to see "The Lady in Black". It was good, and I am thankful that I have two girlfriends that will go see spooky movies with me, otherwise, I'd never get to go.
  • Planted some of the 500 trees my dad had ordered to further reforest his land. (with some help, of course!)

  •  Watched the super bowl, in pajama pants, filling my belly with 7 layer dip and chips, happy that the Giants won.
  • Added another crab to the crabitat. Oh, wait, didn't I tell you about that?!? Ugh. Well look forward to that blog...
  • Made a new mommy friend while having a lovely lunch with a current momma friend and our boys. (yay!)
  • Em has started a countdown chain until her birthday. Every day it gives me more stress because I feel so behind, since I havent bought a single gift or party favor, but then I remember, it's okay, she's given up her party this year for bigger better things...
  • Hubby is able to make iphone apps now. Any requests for a well-needed app? ;)
  • We had a big thunderstorm here. Lightning hit one of the dorms and also a light post outside Em's school. Yikes. But it was SOOOOO nice to get rain, and thunder. And the kids like the aftermath...

    SO, now you're caught up.
    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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