Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rocks in my shoe.

"Mommy! I got rocks in my shoe!! Oh maaaaaan. UGHHH!"

In the world of a three year old explorer, rocks in your shoes can be the worst part of the day.
Don't you wish that were true for us all?

Sometimes people get cancer.
Sometimes, when it rains, it pours, and you forget your umbrella.
Sometimes, your fur-niece passes away and you're too far away to give your sister a proper hug.
Sometimes, your big brother has to go away.
and sometimes, you can't get out of bed.

 Sometimes cancer makes your faith stronger, your marriage closer, and your priorities aligned.
Sometimes you dance in the rain with little ones in big rain boots and not much else.
Sometimes you can get across a big hug in a series of stupid text messages and funny pictures.
Sometimes you have to let go and have faith that things will return again,
and sometimes, you get breakfast in bed.

I haven't lived a long time, really, but I've lived through a lot. And I've come to find that problems and trials become smaller in hindsight, as if you're watching them dissappear in your rear view mirror, sometimes even with a small smile, as those mountains become nothing but pebbles in your shoe.

So, today, if you are facing a trial, a hard decision, a battle,
a rocky road ahead,

remember that one day,
they'll become pebbles in your shoes

and then one day,
they'll become as small as sand

and one glorious day,
you'll look back and see those footprints in the sand,
and know you were never alone.
and you were always going to be okay.

and you'll smile because it happened.
and you won.

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