Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Oklahoma WONDERtorium

Have you been to the new Oklahoma WONDERtorium yet?
It's a little place in Stillwater, OK that is the beginning to something big in the future.
We hadn't gone before last week. Actually, I was in no rush. In all honesty, the Children's Museums we are used to in Cali are absolutely HUGE and take days to see all that is inside, and I just wasn't overly excited to go to this one, tucked inside a small building that was housed inside a telemarketing business for decades. I mean, after all, how much could there really be inside, and perhaps I had better save it for a rainy day when we were looking outside, wishing there were some place to go since we had an hour before lunchtime.
But, we have a membership that we probably should use before it expires, so we headed down for storytime (and a little playtime beforehand).
Evan immediately found all things that included balls. He played with marble runs and golf balls that raced down tracks of all shapes and sizes. He wasn't overly impressed with the golf ball wall tracks, similar to plinko, but the rest of the rolling fun was greatly appreciated.
 The cutest thing is the Japanese exhibit. Stillwater's sister city is Kameoka, Japan, so they incorporated that into the museum.
 Evan set out every dish and cup he could find, and fed me such a giant feast that my hands were cramped from so much chopstick usage!
 In the entryway, they even have house slippers and yukata to wear (nothing that germaphobe children like to wear, but cute, nonetheless!) Just like a real Japanese home.
 Here goes Evan, crawling under Mt. Fuji to discover the animals that live there.
 The water table was fun, and they had smocks available, I just didn't see them until later on.

 In storytime, we read a book by Ezra Jack Keats, who illustrated his books with paper cutting and tearing (Like Eric Carle, minus the paint), so in the art area, there were paper pieces to make our own illustration.
 Evan made a beautiful letter "E". Green, of course.
 Aaaaaand, we practiced a little paper cutting as well. For good measure and all.
(and to replesnish the stock of cut and torn pieces)
 Our final exhibit was the magnetic shape blocks. Evan made a garage that rendered him so proud, he was pretty mad we wouldn't get to take it home.
 But, isn't it take-home worthy?
SO cute.
With a working garage door, no less!

We left after that for Chik-fil-a with friends, and it made a perfect morning.
The best part was that there were only a handful of kids there, and almost all of them were being supervised well by moms or grandmas. It could be realllllly crowded, realllllly fast, but overall it was really cute! I'm glad we went, and I have heard that they will switch out the exhibits pretty often so that it doesn't get old fast. AND they'll be building a bigger home in time, which will be wonderful!
Have you been to Leonardo's in Enid? I'd say it's almost identical, minus the animal exhibit and outdoor area, but cleaner, brighter, and definately closer to home for us :)
I can say we'll be back, Evan really had fun!
Come join us!

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