Monday, January 2, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Baby Malee!!

To send the year 2012 packing, we spent the day at the zoo. The weather was beautiful and sunny and warm, so we loaded up the kids and Grammie and headed down to the Oklahoma City Zoo to see our favorite little elephant, Malee. 
 The koi in the children's zoo have grown bigger since our last visit, and are now big enough to scare the turtles away!
 Hey guys! Lets pet these goats! Aren't they cute??
Oh, I didn't realize that was daddy telling us to say "cheeeeese".
 Mmm Hmmm.
 These pigs are great! I wish we had one!!
(and just LOOK at Grammie's cute Domo purse back there!!!)
 Down the slide she goes!
 Monkey see, monkey do...

 We were right in time to watch the elephant show!
Asha & Chandra showed us their tricks while baby Malee got to eat an everlasting supply of treats.
 But she's so darn cute, no one cared if she was just eating or doing somersaults across the yard.
Oh! And just a tip - the zoo tram is now ONLY available for a day pass, not an individual ride, so if you plan on riding, get your bracelet first, and ride it to the other parts of the zoo. Otherwise, you'll pay a bunch for a one time trip around. (Boooo!)

Anyway, thank you for the zoo passes, PauPau & Papa Lee and Uncle Kurt!! We REALLY enjoyed them! :)

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