Monday, January 2, 2012


Are your hands up in joy that I have returned?!? Well, put them down. I haven't fixed my computer yet. :( Em is actually "allowing" me to use my old one (hers, she'll have you know) to post a blog or two so I won't be so behind when HP decides to ship mine home again (jiggety jig).

So, some holiday cheer to share, even though it's a little late, but who couldn't use a little extra?
Here is sweet Evan getting ready for his Christmas program. See the little girl to his left in the yellow shirt? That's his best school friend, Ella. Isn't she cute? :)
 And here is Miss Emma herself, looking ever so cheery at her own school holiday party.
 Christmas morning was early. 
Very early.
I felt like I had just closed my eyes when Emma tumbled into the room wishing us a Merry Christmas.
Unfortunately, she had to wait for Ev to get up, which happened almost 2 hours later. (At least I had time to shower myself awake before the chaos!)
This was Dobby's first Christmas. He took it pretty well, don't ya think? He even got a present from Grammie - a new self-watering bowl. 
 Notice how dark it still was outside when we finally went out to open stockings?!
And Grammie and the uncles came at 6 to watch the madness unfold!
 Santa brought Evan what he had asked for the last few times he had visited his lap - a bulldozer.
 ...and he brought Emma her request as well - some pet shops that she didn't already have (including a sparkly one)
 We were through with gifts by 7, and one uncle went back to sleep, another began to build onto my LEGO city, and the rest of us wallowed in paper and ribbon until the sun came up on Jesus's Birthday.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with people you love!
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