Monday, January 2, 2012


2012 is off to a good start. No broken bones, no major disasters, just a normal, everyday year.
So far.

The einsteins got their New Year jellies, this year's version is in cute little anime kids. Last year, we bought them in an asian supermarket in Oklahoma City, but the local Crepe Myrtle Market had them this year. (Usually they just have plain containers - these versions are piggy banks, and usually come out in the new year)
 These two are growing steadily. Another foot and Em will be as tall as me!
 As the nights come earlier, I always felt a little weird at my sink after dinner because it was so dark and I don't like blinds on that window - it's the soul of my kitchen!
So, I decided to make a curtain that would still let light in, but still have privacy.
 It turned out really cute, and the pots that I had bought and sprayed pink looked perfect. The plants had waaaaaaaay outgrown the pots they were in. When I repotted them in these, there was 90% root and 10% dirt. Crazy, huh??
I also spray painted a frame I found on clearance for $3.00 the other day at ROSS. It was gold, which is a hideous look for me, because I hate gold, but I loved the shape, so off it went to the land of pink...
 Top the day off with fresh flowers, and you have a GREAT beginning to a new year packed full of blessings and love.

Wishing you all a wonderful new year!
As we go forth on this new slate, let's remember that each day is a gift, and that's how it should be treated.
Give thanks, live well, and be NICE!

Happy 2012!

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  1. The curtain and those pots and plants complement each other so well. CUTE!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful, productive, and blessed new year. =)


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