Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye, 2011!

When I think back on 2011, I grumble and mumble a little and tell you all about how I wish it would be over already because it was such a bad year for us. But when I sit down and really think about, it was a pretty good year with a couple of BIG downers thrown in for good measure. I mean, really, cancer is never ever fun, but hubby is still here, and he feels good! Money and jobs are scarce, but we have enough to keep us afloat, and hubby's job is wonderfully secure (you can't beat working for the government, I tell ya!). His workplace was SO accommodating while he went through surgeries and treatments, I can't ever be thankful enough. We have wonderful family and friends, and our kids are smart, healthy, happy, and full of life. It really was a good year, but I can't say I'm not anxious to start another!
In our house, we eat the traditional Japanese mochi cakes on New Years Eve. Last year my mom wasn't here, so I had to make them, but she came this year, and it was a big relief because mine didn't turn out very well. You can read more about the mochi HERE
 The night fell pretty quick this year. It was cold and quiet outside while everyone's lights glowed from inside their warm homes.
 I had worked all day on spray painting, these were a few of the victims...
 Party favors!!!
 A cooked mochi in its sauce!
 Evan & Uncle Kurt :)
 Uncle Brock (who HATES mochi, but has to eat it, for good luck and all!)
 Hubby dearest...
 "Uncle" Roark, who joined our crazy bunch for the night!
 ...and little Evan, eating his like a little bird. 
 Another tradition around here is the burning of the effergies. In the past, we've decorated burnable items, but this year, we each wrote inside our Koala candy boxes the habits or things we wished to do away with in the new year and burned them up in hopes of a new year, free of these things.
 At midnight, the einsteins shot their confetti guns (much easier than the streamer poppers) and the rest of us popped streamers all over the room!

 As the family left, there were sparklers lit outside in the cold to wish them farewell as we waved goodbye to our first houseguests of the year.

My vacuum was emptied TWICE in the cleanup afterwards. Now THAT, my friends, is a lot of confetti.
Happy 2012, everyone!! 

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