Saturday, January 14, 2012

A gift of Spring

Well, hello there! I have my computer back! It's working again, though I have some suspicion that it's a bit slower, but, working nonetheless! Hooray!

Did you all enjoy the weather last week? You almost couldn't tell that it was the middle of winter! There was one afternoon in particular that was so warm, it felt like Spring and it had Emma dressed like this:
 She and her friend, Isabel, both got their Littlest Pet Shop Jets for Christmas. The pets had come out to play in the sun, along with this handsome young man...
 He's getting SO big, don't ya think? I remember when he was just a tiny thing, blowing spit bubbles in his sleep, to the tiny toddler that blew slobber instead of air, tainting birthday cakes and candles with a rain of Evan DNA. Even so, it was A. Dora. Bole.
And now, here he is, a big three year old.
Blowing bubbles like he's been doing it forever and a day.
 And after the bubbles were all blown and popped, he washed dishes.
That's right ladies, this little guy washes dishes.
(In VOSS water, no less!)
And he's ALL mine, so hands off!
 Isn't this the cutest little sink? It even runs water from the faucet. Love.

And then, here we are, a week later, bundled up in hats and mittens and walking in SNOW!
Welcome to Oklahoma :)

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