Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One little voice

The last couple of  nights have been extroidinary. Not just and only because we have had no activities or appointments and we can eat as a sweet little family of four, but also because our family dinner prayers have grown a little bigger.
We don't pray before every meal. In fact, most of the time we've dug into those mashed potatos long before we even mutter a word about our days events and dramas. Prayers are mostly said at night, and, in my case, every few minutes. (In fact, I now open my prayers with "Hi! It's me again!!") True story.
But during advent, we often pray before dinner, as we read the scripture for the day and light our candles. It's almost always been Hubby or I. Occasionally Em would chime in with a few words, but she rarely offered to say grace for us all. But two nights ago, on our second Sunday of advent, as we lit the candles and said our prayers, a little voice from across the table declared he wanted a turn, and the three of us all smiled and closed our eyes and opened our hearts and folded our hands and listened as the tiniest whoo in whoville belted out this prayer:

"Thanks for to God to make the clouds"

As tears poured down my cheeks to my grinning smile, Em said her own beautiful prayer of thanks for our family and friends, and as my own eyes met with hubby's, I could tell he felt the same way I did.
We had done it.
Our family was growing in thanks and prayer,
and Christ.
Just as we had planned.

So when you can't think of a thing to be thankful for, there are always clouds, or, as last night's 3 year old prayer goes, "Thanks for God to make our eating foods".

I love you both, little ones.
You make us so proud.

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  1. This is so sweet. Teaching our kids to pray and love the Lord is the best gift we can give them. You guys have done a great job!

  2. Powerful and incredibly sweet!


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