Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh! And another thing (or three)...

I forgot to tell you - and you'll thank me for remembering - but there is a new bakery here in town called FROSTED. It's owned and run by a friend of a friend and we took the class down there for a fun, sugary field trip (I KNOW! Preschoolers?!? In a cupcake bakery?!?).
But let me tell you, they did great, and they all decorated and devoured their cupcakes in sweet quietness. (Okay, well, it was under 200 decibels, but still...)
 My sweet little cupacke decided on blue frosting and lotsa sprinkles
(because what's life without a pile of colorful swag-tastic sprinkles on your cupcake?!?)
 Isn't it deliciously gorgeous?!?
 (and so are those cheeks!)

 So later that night, as I lay, recovering from the sweet cupcake I had inhaled earlier in the day, I drug myself off the couch and into my wacky Christmas socks for our annual Hen Pen Christmas.
 And for all of you wondering, that was AMANDA M that decided to go all "normal" on us. We just made hers the "coal" filled sock.

We have filled our LifePack in honor of Eli again this year. Emma gets a little more excited each year about it, and I always am amazed at how big he would be. We are always happy to know that there's another little boy out there whose Christmas was a little more joyful thanks to this special angel of ours.
Fill the LifePack 2.0 is happening again this week, since we get more time to return them to church. I love the lesson it teaches our children, don't you?
 Now, the best for last, and I tell you this so that you can sit down and hold your belly, because it's a funny one.
Our director at school asked each of the kids about their Christmas Wish List, and here was Evan's:

Umm, okay.

I'm pretty sure Santa can deliver THAT.
Daddy's car on the other hand...

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  1. Okay, I've got caught. So happy for your friend the new bakery. Evan's cupcake is so cute. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!
    Love ya!

  2. I first thought it said Bears! Both are funny. =D

  3. Evan's letter is awesome! I sure hope you fulfill that wish.


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