Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I know, I know. I'm so seriously behind, just now posting my December post and all. Weren't you all "Ohmuhgosh, I wonder wonder wonder how big those adorable little Castros are this month?" and such?? I'm sure you were.
So here it is, folks...
 With my working and all, I elected not to do my Lego advent story this year, just purely out of not wanting to uber fail, which totally woulda happened, because, well, it's 13 December and I'm just saying hello and all. BUT, I have been able, thankyouverymuch, to successfully open the door on my awesome lego calender daily so far. Ev has a Playmobil one, and Em chose Littlest Pet Shops (again) for her 2011 calendar. And yes, Virginia, it has all the same pieces as it did before they changed the packaging from blue to purple. She still loves it though, so we're okey dokey here.
Ev and I have scenery for ours, I guess you'd say. A place to set up our daily swag. Emma's didn't come with one, so she made her own, which is so stinkin cute that I wanna eat it.
 On the third, we hosted the bedlam game here at the house of orange and spanked those Sooners all the way back home. Our nephew got to come stay for the weekend and REALLY enjoyed all the fun.
The last night of Konnect (Em's small group at church) was last week and they dressed up for a "Wacky, Tacky Christmas". And lemmie tell you, this child can come up with some wacky and tacky outfits all year long, but this one was far from it. She was simply ADORABLE. 
 Daddy Daughter Date Night took place on the night of the annual community singers concert. After dinner, though, Em was all "I'd rather go to Hastings and get a book..." and daddy was all "Hmmm, I like Hastings better than a bunch of old ladies singing, so I'm SoOOO gonna go with this and tell mom it was em's idea" (and he totally did), but they had their date, and it was awesome, and they. looked. smashing.

So that's about it for a short breif Cliff's Notes version of the chaos that is December over here at the C house. It's been flying by!

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  1. It is crazy how fast this month has gone by! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. =)

  2. You forgot to mention the mommy son date to play with Rufus!


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