Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankgiving Festivities!

Last week we made our annual pilgrimmage to the local Culinary Arts School's Thanksgiving feast. Our uber fun friends go with us since the time that they were bringing 4 kids and we had 2, now dwindled down to one each.
 It was, as always, DELICIOUS!
 And then, Evan had his preschool Thanksgiving Feast. It's the school's annual fundraiser auction.
 Evan and his friends all put on a short singing show for us.
 It's exciting for Emma to go to school events and now soccer games with our family that are actually not hers!
 Look at this big ol' turkey pumpkin Evan made (minus the tail he wanted removed)
 His favorite teacher, Ms. Diane

Time is dwindling away until the big feast here, and I need to go gather my groceries today!
You only have 5 days!
Are you ready?!?
Gobble Gobble!!

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  1. Ready? Shoot no! Gotta get the turkey out of the freezer and into the fridge to thaw.

    I love the Turkey sweatshirts!

  2. checking in on you. I know it has been a rough few days up there in Stillwater. The photos are beautiful like always. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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