Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soccer Sibs, at Last!

Em's season had barely ended before Ev's indoor soccer season began. Our days of piling (and leaving) our folding chairs and blankets and extra water bottles and soccer balls and pumps and extra cleats and extra shin guards and...well, you get the point (Thank God for the minivan!) has been replaced by a much more hideous season of YMCA indoor soccer, but we'll get into that shortly.
First off, how about our little soccer star, Em? Her season went out with a bang, and she played SO well this season! We are SO proud!
 Em & her friend, Sarah.
 Team World Cup
 So, then, today, we started Evan's VERY FIRST soccer season.
(Oh my gosh, can you even believe it?!?)
The YMCA lets you play when you're three, and Evan just squeaked by the age limit. (I swear this kid is doomed to be the youngest in everything he does!)
We arrived to mass chaos inside the Y. Parents and kids swarming the place trying to figure out where to go. We made our way to the gym and realized that the 3 benches they had for parents were packed full like sardines in a can, and staked our spot on the floor.
Ev is on the light blue team.
 He was SOOO excited. He told me that he was "The best soccer player EVER."
(Notice I used quotation marks? That's seriously his words. LOVE it.)
 He was pretty overwhelmed with the mass hysteria of kids crying, parents yelling, and another game going on next to his, but he was ready to start!
 Go, Ev! Go!

 In the end, he had great fun, and even got one of his preschool pals on the same team!
Just look at the proud daddies! :)

And so it begins....
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