Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Ah, November.
The sweet month of cool weather before the snow comes.
But not this year.

This year, November has brought (and keep n mind, folks, it's only rhe 8th day yet)
Flash Floods (wait, weren't we in a drought?!?)
Yep. THREE to be exact.

Hubby missed the first two, as did Em. Evan missed all of them, and when I told Emma about the third, she looked around, and casually went back to reading her book with a "cool.". Hmm. I guess she really is a Cali girl.

Happy November, everyone!

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  1. Don't forget about Asteroid 2005 YU55 that passed by our planet today, at one point even closer than the Moon! So many hair-raising events! Glad you are safe!

  2. I've been catching up on all your posts. Girl, you really know how to live and enjoy your family. I love those OSU Cowboys too!


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