Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The GREATEST Homecoming on Earth!

It's no mystery where our alma mater is. That is, unless you're new here. And in that case you should still know just by the title. OSU's homecoming is said to be the greatest - and one of the top 3 biggest - homecoming celebrations in the nation. I have to agree, though I may be just a bit biased.
Homecoming is a week long event for spectators (and months long for the students that prepare and plan the decs). We skipped the early -in- the week festivities this year and began on Friday. It was pajama day at school that day and Evan wore his skeleton pants that day.
He was rockin'.
 If you're as cool as Evan, you can pull off wearing them to Walk Around that night, which is where the greek houses premiere their house decs to the public. You can also look absolutely adorable as you pick your nose...
(hey, at least he's always got a germ-x in his other hand)

 This was the Alpha Chi Omega house dec, which was where I lived for a short while in college. It always makes a good bathroom stop for the kids every year.
 Instead of battling the hoards of people out about town eating, we decided to roast our own "Halloweenies" (as the kids would say).
 Our friends had never had a weenie roast before, so it was fun to watch them cooking over the fire.

 This was followed by some yummy s'mores, of course, at which time I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures.

Saturday morning is the homecoming parade. It's early for most people, but it's always reaaaaalllly early for us, since we've always got an Emma in the parade who has to be there for staging.

 Here we are, watching the festivities!

 There she is! With the pink coat!

 Right after the parade, we got changed to head up to the pep rally. The fountain at the library was its usual shade of orange (this only happens during homecming week), and the kids were thirsty for orange slushies.

 We have some die-hard fans. Check out this car!
 For the actual game, we headed over to our friends' house for a watch party so the kids could play (and nap) before another Halloween party that evening.
Of course, OSU won.
We're undefeated so far!

Go Pokes!

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  1. What a wonderful report on the 2011 OSU Homecoming! Everyone looked so festive in Orange! And I'm so delighted that I can see Emma with her cheering group in the parade because I missed her when watching it on tv! Thank you for posting and sharing this seasonal celebration!


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