Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Down the Road a Bit...

I'm terribly behind on my blogging, and although it is mostly because I've re-entered the working world, there lies a bit of chaos and laziness amonst it as well. So, now that Halloween and homecoming have ended, I am catching you up on a few big (and small) events of the past month.
Some friends of my in-laws held a benefit for our medical bills all the way up in Barnsdall, Oklahoma. That's a good 2 hour drive from home, but some local friends of ours and us made the journey to meet up with many new friends and many old to celebrate with yummy food and fun auctioneering.
 The guys in charge cooked up some AWESOME burgers outside on this ginormous grill.
 These are our nephews, Brite & Cole.
 Em won her first live auction for this wall shelf for her Littlest Pet Shops. I think her winning bid was 25c.
 I absolutely love this picture.
This is "Fuzzy", who had a big part in this event, and who was one of the duo of auctioneers. He was telling Emma a story about himself as a child, and she loved to hear it.
A biker and a little girl in pink, sharing a moment in time.
I cannot ever put into words the humility that this whole chapter in our lives has given us. It is in such awesome wonder that people who don't know us, who still don't know us, and those we love as family are more than willing to come together to help a tiny little family in the middle of the country.
We can never give enough gratitude and thanks to all that have helped us along the way.
But, just know.
We are in thankful prayer on our knees every day for you all.
In humble hearts and souls
we thank you.

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