Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Day at the River

So, over fall break while you all were skiing and cruising the gulf of Mexico, the kids and I took a day trip up to Tahlequah, OK, where I lived after college while teaching at a small school close by.
The real reason was that we needed to get Evan's CDIB and Cherokee Tribal cards, and it's just a whole lot safer to do it in person than in the mail.
Anyhow, we kissed Daddy and saw him off to work that morning and headed northeast towards the border of Arkansas.
3 hours later we arrived in Tahlequah.
 I took the kids by my old house first, at which they were not even able to fake excitement or inerest, so we went to the local yummy spot, Sam & Ella's Chicken Palace.
 The food was unusually good, and Em loved the fact that Carrie Underwood had worked there prior to American Idol, so with bellies-a-full, we headed down the mountain to the tiny school I once taught at. It was all closed up, and I'm assuming here that it was also for fall break, so we couldn't get very close, but it was the same as I had left it almost 9 years ago. I was looking forward to seeing some peoples I loved there, like Denise and Lisa, but darn that fall break!
So back up the mountain we went and drove to the river to stretch our legs and voices before the long drive home.

 Em got a woooonderful photo of me.
(But, hey, I can't be too picky these days! Its not often theres a picture of the momma!)

 The last of our snack traps' contents went to the little fish that played in the small currants on the edges of the river.

We made it back by the time Daddy came home, armed with tales of fishes and frogs and skipping rocks. It was beautiful there, and quiet.
Next time, we'll make sure Daddy comes. I just wasn't as good as him when it came to lifting kids over the water. :)
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