Thursday, November 10, 2011

Countdown to Thanksgiving Day (in our home)

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner - are you ready?
Our home is hustling and bustling with fall everywhere we look.
The fall flowers have taken the places of the summer survivors as they wilted from the early frosts we've had the past week, and turkey handprints are everywhere.
 We've been counting down the days until our feast with these conversation cards from The Happy Home. Each card has an activity or conversation starter relating to giving thanks. We do one together as we sit down to dinner each night.

We also decided to list off our favorite Thanksgiving books.
Mine, of course, is the ever-so-sad Giving Tree. I even have it on CD, so even the littlest einstein can hear it without his momma crying and choking up. ;)

The littlest einstein loves these two books.
This one is a overall favorite of his, and should you have a little one, I HIGHLY suggest you grab a copy.

This book is so much fun to read because it has lifting flaps and ADORABLE illustrations.

Big einstein has a....thing...for reading. She tested out as a 6.5 grade level reader, though she's in 3.5. She loves books, and it was very hard for her to narrow it down to even this many.

This is one that I haven't read yet, but she has read about 3 times already. She really likes the Ready, Freddy series.

This book is remniscent of the "This is the house that Jack Built", but in a thanksgiving meal theme. Yum!

This book is a little more non-fiction and has a little more words per page, but it gets the story across easily and beautifully. (No small pox involved)

She was most excited about this one. I can't really tell you why, but she said it was a good story about having fun even when you're grouchy, and that's a lesson I think we all could use (escpecially at all those holiday parties! Ha!)

I hope you are all preparing to have a wonderful season of giving thanks and showing gratitude to all God's creatures and creations! I've made my list, and I'm clearing out my fridge for a big, fat, plump turkey! Yum!
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