Saturday, November 19, 2011


When I found out that Lightning McQueen, Finn McMissile, and Mater were coming to Oklahoma, I was going to make SURE that their biggest fan was going to meet them, even though it meant hubs and I would be leaving work early, and the einsteins would be leaving school early as well. I mean, after all, how many times do you get to see LIFE SIZE PIXAR CARS?!?!
After the 45 minute drive, we pulled up to Mack, all decorated for the big event.
 It was forecast to be storming, so the other activities were put away (the bounce houses and arts and crafts and other such funs), but the trio was there, and we were ready to see them!
(although Evan was a bit angry that we had to wait in line.)
 When it was finally our turn, Mater's eyes were a bit too big for the likes of Evan, and he decided it was best that he stay in daddy's grasp until we were safely away.

 Emma loved it. It reminded me of back when the first movie came out and she was also in love with all things lightning.
The kids left with AWESOME swag bags, though. They had a full sized atlas, coloring books, CARS crayons (the twist up kid!), a HUGE beach towel, pencils, Mater car air freshner, car shammie, stickers, and more! It was suh-weeeet!

I can't wait to see them again!

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