Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All Things Halloween...

...okay, well, not ALL things, because this post would take you a week to look through if I included pictures of all the Halloweenie things we did, but you get the basic idea, right?
 Halloween Eve!

 Our city's downtown Halloween festival...

 Her class party. (We were the goodie bag family. Check it!)

 Em & her teacher, Ms. Wyckoff.
 Our neighborhood Costume Party!
Apple bobbing...
 I have some awesome neighbors that offered to help out and bake goodies for the kids and take care of some games! Woot!

 It was quite a turn-out this year!
Oh! And that's me and the hubs, Jack Skellington & Sally. <3
 Em bobbing for an apple...

 School Lunches in skullish and pumpkiny shapes...
 ...and some trick or treating at Daddy's work!

 By the time Halloween night came, we didn't even need to buy candy to give out!
Hope you had a wonderful night of ghouls and goblins!

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