Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What we love right now... by Evan & Mommy

Evan is ALL about this book this fall:
It's a really fun Halloween book that has the safety of a board book, but the interactiveness of a pop-up, lift-the-flap, and other discovery details that older kids books have.

His other new favorite is this book:
 If you know Evan, chances are you know his own "Blankie". He doesn't tote him to quite as many places as the little one in this book does, but he loves to have it read to him over and over again (and then he'll read it to you!).

Mommy (That's ME!) is excited for two new upcoming events!
The first one is that my favorite, Julius, will be making his debut in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Hooray! I just *may* have to stop decorating for Christmas when he comes on this year!
Aww sweet! I get to float down the block like a giant godzilla!
 The other thing I'm excited about is that Gwen Stafani is not only launching a kid line of her Harajuku Lovers (Harajuku Mini), but it's going to be for TARGET!
Woot woot!
Now THAT, my friends, is exciting!
I hate these clothes! I want them OFF! Give me back my Elmo shirt!
Oh, you little pompus brat! I designed these clothes for Emma Castro and she's booked today, so I had to settle for YOU, and you're not even THANKFUL?!? Just smile and look at my awesome legs and long 2nd toe....
Lots of excitement going on here, I know! I bet you can hardly contain yourself, right?

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