Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome to Preschool!

It was open house day at Evan's preschool, and he was excited to show us all he has been doing while away. The families all packed picnic lunches and met out on the playground, making it look a little like a colorful checkerboard of blankets.
He introduced Emma to his sandbox (only because his first pick - the bikes- were put away).
 We (of course) were the early birds, so we had prime real estate for our picnic dinner consisting of subway sandwiches and chips.
and two good lookin men!
 Just look at that! I fall in love all over again :)
 When we came inside, Ms. Diane had made some jelly-ish squares.
There were quite interesting, as you can tell from his face. :D
 His beautiful monarch painting.
 Back to the jelly squares again with Ms. Diane!
 Some pictures of a preschool train ride...
 Cute little cubby!
 Cute little sink!
Cute little preschool!
Thank you, Evan, for sharing with us!
We are SO proud of all your hard work!

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