Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I didn't do much today. Little Evan is coughing a nasty old-man-on-the-bus cough and although he caught it from school, I decided to keep him home today. It's chilly outside and I secretly delighted in the thought of he and I in a warm and toasty little home while the wind whips and whines its way through the trees outside but cannot come in.
We did just about that. We actually had to run across the highway to the post to mail a couple mails that (I'm sorry to say) won't arrive to their peoples until after October has left us, but will get there, nonetheless, and we rushed back home again, one of us in footie pajamas and the other in a nice track suit that could totally pass for a pj day at home :)
We caught up on the latest Halloween adventures of the bubble guppies and Team Umizoomi and we ate chicken noodle soup with rice for lunch. It was so relaxing, we completely skipped nap and decided instead to build a masterpiece of marble tracks. The post came and interrupted us, but it brought with it 2 packages and 3 cards, not a single bill today! Hooray! Hubby has been expecting this package eagerly, a new case for his beloved ipad, and the other was (shhhh!) Emma's advent calendar. I suspect the three cards are for Halloween, since they are orange enveloped, but for that, we'll have to wait until the other half of our fam returns home to open them.
It stormed last night, a fabulous rain that we needed so badly. Our ground here is so dry from the summer's drought that any plant that survived was a miracle, it seemed. It brought a cold front with it, and in the morning's early light, the kids and I scurried across the road to a neighbor's house to help her with something, it hit me. The damp ground and the smell of wet leaves on the grass brought with it deep, deep relief. I've always loved rain the best, out of all weathers in the heavens, and I am pretty sure that the drought left me thirsty and drained as well. I know I've had a lot to stress about, but this summer hit me harder than it should have, and as that sweet sign of relief hit my nose, I was renewed in hope, in things to come. It . was.  wonderful.
(that is, until the skunk showed up)
(but thats another story, for another day)
So today, as I sit watching the leaves blow against the windows and doors like the ocean waves on the shore, and my littlest castro is suggled up beside me having his milk and humming, I am sending prayers of thanks for this home, so warm and beautiful, for my husband who is so caring and kind, for the sight to see all His creations, the trees that protect us from the cold winds a-blowin, and for the happiness that little things like rain and UmiZoomi friends and dancing in the kitchen to Raffi can bring. I'm happy today.
And I hope you are, too.
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  1. You deserve some down time with a snuggly little one. =)

  2. Hope Evan is doing better. It is Nov. 1st and we are happy today!


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