Saturday, October 8, 2011

Team World Cup

Soccer season has begun.
How can you tell?
Well, you'll find your lawn chairs make a permanent move to the trunk, there are water bottles in every one of the 22 cup holders left over or going to the next practice or game, every push of the brakes leads to a soccer ball (or three) rolling up from who knows where to smack you in the back of your seat, and you find yourself wearing (gasp!) RED on a football gameday instead of orange!

This morning Em read Evan a couple Halloween books before we left for the game (at a bleeping early hour, no less!)
 She played goalie the first half.
(Always hard for a parent. Especially when your daughter constantly volunteers for the "possibly breaking your face with a ball" job.)
 But she's good at what she does.

And look at this little brother, who is a constant yelling-in-support-of-big-sister fan.
SO cute.
 My boys playing a quick game while half time is in session.
 Em has played SO well this year.
You wouldn't believe it.
She's always been good, but she blew us away with her plays the last couple games!

We're SO proud of you, Punkin!
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