Saturday, October 8, 2011

OSU Agronomy Day 2011

This was our first year to go. We always see the banners, but we've never actually stopped by the farmland across the highway on this day before. It was this year, however, that Evan spotted the tractors. So, there we were, off to learn about agronomy so that we could go see the big tractors.

The first station taught us about composting. It was probably my favorite, just because the cute worms (and it made me think about the "Living for the Apocolypse" show with Gidget and Jackie!). Em gets her love of the little squirmy worms from me, I suppose. She grabbed a handful and was intrigued by the baby ones. (They WERE adorable!)

And heeeeeeere's the tractors!

 ...and this one was remote controlled! (A little scary, actually)

Isn't it wonderful, the boyishness of boys?
Before Evan, I would never have been this excited to see a field of tractors.
Monster trucks, maybe.
But not tractors.

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  1. We'll meet you there next year. This is our kind of fun!!!


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