Friday, October 14, 2011

Creepy, Crawly....

...very hungry leafy caterpillar.

Yesterday, on a day home from school and work, Evan and I went on a walk.
A walk to hunt for leaves.
But not just any ol' leaves!
Leaves to make a very leafy caterpillar.

We got 3 different kinds.
Some for the body (thankyouverymuch, Jody!),
Some for the head (thankyouverymuch, Holly!),
and some for the antennae (thankyouverymuch, mommy!)

And add some cute face features made by some cute little fingertips...


(This was mine, plus Ev's fingerprints)
 And this was Evan's. He painted some leaves for him to eat, too.
 omigosh, it's so stinkin cute.
yes, I thought so, too.
Just look at those wobbly little legs!
Have you been spotting the monarchs migrating?

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