Saturday, October 8, 2011


arriving late to our own wedding.
stealing a kiss...or two.
tears of happiness and nerves as i walked towards you,
tears of the unknown as daddy let go my arm.
a whisper of love
a squeeze of the last day for naked fingers
a kiss
two become one
nose to nose, heart to heart
dancing, laughing

i do.

it was 9 years ago we wed this day.
it seems so far, but also so recent.

i love you more now, then i did that day,
but i never knew then, it would be possible.

i often wonder, how many people have walked by you on the street, and never knew!
that you were the most fascinating man in the world.
that you would wrap my heart and soul around your finger
the kindest soul and a great man
and they just walked by...

how lucky i am that i saw you
deep within the dark brown eyes to your inner self
and i knew.

you were mine.
and i was yours.

i have tasted love.
and i walk the earth forever, my heart beating with yours
for there i have been

and there i want to be.

i love you.
happy anniversary!
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  1. I love you so much. I feel guilty that I'm not able to express it in such a beautiful manner as you have, but it looks like you may know it regardless. I feel that you have seen my love throughout the years, unwavering and unrelenting, and it will be yours for as long as we can wrap our pinkies together! :)


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