Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's {officially} fall!

The first day of autumn has arrived!
And it's brought with it a cool wind and splatters of rain. I love it.
Hubby brought me home some fallish flowers earlier this week. I love them, too.
This weekend we had BIG plans to go to the Monarch Migration Festival, but, unfortunately, because if the drought and heat this summer, many of the plants they depend on for substanance on their trip died, meaning that many of the monarchs won't make it this far, the festival was cancelled.
SO, we have big plans (again) to attend the Bigfoot Festival next weekend.
(Can you imagine the people we'll meet?!)
It's gonna be fun.

OH! And if you don't have any plans, head on over to THIS website. Saturday is Museum Day and the Smithsonian Museums are giving out FREE passes for 2 to any of their museums. (One of which is the Oklahoma Science Museum (formerly the Omniplex), which is where we scooped ours up from.

Lemmie know if you go - maybe we'll see you there!
Happy Fall!
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