Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Field Trip!

It was a big day for Evan today!
He had his first school field trip!
The class was walking down to the public library for a storytime with Ms. Mary!

I got there a little early and watched him for a bit as he pedaled around the playground on the tricycle.
 Ms. Diane then lined them all up to get ready to go!
There were 3 teachers and 3 moms ready to walk them the few blocks down the street.
 When we arrived, they all found a good seat and sat cris-cross-applesauce to wait for the storytime to begin.
 At the end, the class stood up and sang Ms. Mary a "Thank You Song".
Super cute.
(Yes, that's my kid adjusting his unders. It runs in the family,too.)
And then, we walked back, tired and hungry.
They all did great.
What a wonderful thing that they are close enough to do this every month!
Way to go, Evan!
And thank you for inviting me along on your big day!

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