Monday, September 5, 2011

Cowboy Season Opener!

There are some days, many actually, that I'm convinced mother nature is NOT a Cowboys fan. Our games are constantly plagued with extreme heat, extreme cold, and extreme rain, sleet, and/or hail. Its true. We get one or two home games a season that are perfect football weather, but Saturday's season opener was SO not.

The weather channel app claimed it was going to be cool (yes!), but it turns out a few days beforehand, ol' mother nature decided to turn the heater back on and roasted us some Cowboy fans. (No!)
 Nonetheless, our friend Logan offered us his tickets due to a golf tournament, and John jumped at the chance before I even knew what was going on.
His levels are getting back to normal now, so I suppose a bit of fun in the midst of all this seemed alright.
(and it WAS, after all, OSU football...)
(and it WAS, after all, with Logan's sister, who is a best best friend EVER!)

So saturday afternoon we headed up to the pep rally with the einsteins in tow. It was legacy day at the Cowboy Corral, and the kids love that.
They have all kinds of games and colorings and tattoos and swag for the little cowkids.
 At the registration desk, they had flyers about the program. On the back side you could fill out the info and sign your legacy up. On the front side...
 Yep. That's us. Still using that picture.
You know, the one that I'm hiding a big ol' swollen belly containing a baby Evan inside and a chubby dimple endowed face.
Pretty cool, though, eh? Emma always likes to see that picture and tell Ev that he's there, hiding under the table.

Next it was off to "The Walk".
Now, if you haven't been to an OSU home game, you fail.
But, if you want to be not so failure, attend the pep rally at the Cowboy Corral. It opens 3 hours before the game at the alumni center. We mingle with the usuals (mostly old alumni) and eat while we wait for the rally to start. At that point, the band comes, the cheers and poms come, and Mr. pete himself comes, too.
Afterwards, head outside to "The Walk". The football team and coaches make the walk from the student union to the stadium. There's more band playing and swag giving involved, but mostly a crowded, orange filled crowd that follows the team all the way to Boone Pickens Stadium.
 We didn't walk with them this day. It was over 100 again and the einsteins were being picked up by their grandad, so we walked to the OSU firestation to await his arrival.
Evan thought the trucks were WAY cool, andn we even got to hear the bells sound, watch the firemen dress and rush off to a run, and come back and maneuver that giant ladder truck back insde its garage again.
 Once the einsteins were off safely, hubby & I headed over to Nickle's tailgate and we all walked to the stadium in the sweltering, horrible, no good, heat.
(and I kinda wanted to go home)
But we got our seats and got some water and got some frozen lemonade, and we were ready for the game.

and we WON, of course.

Way to go, Cowboys!

Now off to enjoy the rest of my Labor Day!

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I'm so glad they won. I've only been to one OSU game. Bobby Riley made a 100 yard run on a punt return to score, so cool. That was about 20 something years ago!!
    Love, love that new stadium!!


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