Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cowboy Fever

It always throws me off a little when we have home games during the week. It involves a little more work. Picking up Em a little early from school, cutting nap a bit short, and packing the older version of a baby's diaperbag during lunch.
This day, the kids and I decided to ride the brown line to the stadium to meet hubby, who was driving because he was staying for the game.
While the pep rallies are our normal, every-game tradition, occasionally we venture to the north side of the stadium to mingle among the crowds and pick up some more junk for the toy boxes.
We stopped at the face painting booth first, it's always a must when the line is short. Trust me.

 Next we all played giant plinko. The einsteins both won silly bands and I won (drum roll, please!)
...a tire pressure gage!
(Hey, I can't complain, I seriously DID need that.)
 Making some spirit signs...
 ...and roping cattle, although she ended up roping herself...
(You can take the girl outta the city, but ya can't take the city outta the girl)
 Evan met Cowboy Kenny, a motorcross rider I went to high school with.
He was putting on a stunt show for the fans today.

 So we sat and waited for the show.
 And it. was. awesome.

and then we caught the last brown line back home while the Cowboys kicked butt!
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