Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camera Dump!

It's been awhile since I emptied that ol' memory card in my camera.
Heck, it's been awhile since I've done really anything productive besides back-to-school stuffs, but I had a moment today, since someone decided to nap (yesss!), so I pulled out the camera from the depths of my purse and collected my treasures that lurked inside.

These are pictures of Evan's teacher, Ms. Diane, who came to visit us before school began. She made a great pirate, and trust me, folks, that's not easy to do under the Evan standards.
The icing on the cake - she made a great Mater, too! No wonder when we ask who he played with at school, he always says "Um. Ms. Diane!"

Chapter 2: OU Cancer Center
The whole fam made a trek down to "Daddy's hopsitol" for a short appointment. The kids, my mom, and I explored the gardens outside while we waited.

 I could see Evan waving from up on the 3rd floor - the chemo palace!
 The giant fountain was missing - not sure why, but the kids had fun playing in the wall fountain and gathering rocks with GramE.

Chanpter 3: The Zoo!

We finally made the trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo to see their new addition: Baby Malee, the elephant.
She is SOOOOOOO cute.
 She lives in the new HUGE elephant area with her mom and aunt. They even had a nursery area for her! If you haven't been to see her yet, GO.
She is ABSOLUTELY adorable!
 This big ol' guy was bored.
I'm pretty sure he felt like ripping the heads off all the people smearing their faces on the glass trying to get a milimeter or so closer to him. I woulda turned my back, too.

 This little one liked Evan :)
 ...but Evan liked the train.
and the candy.
 The new children's area has a water play area. It was a popular place this summer due to the waaay too hot temps.
Em & Bailey 
 Evan's "agilator"

Chapter 4: Pedicure
As a reward for not chewing her fingernails all summer, I promised Em a manicure for school. She traded it in for a spa pedi.
I don't think she even remembers our almost weekly trips to the nail salon when we lived in cali - she was pretty small. But they always did her nails free of charge while they did mine.
They loved her, and her wild choices of colors.
 This day she chose purple (you remember her first day outfit?)

Chapter 5: Preschool
Evan's "panda". I'm convinced it's a Jack Skellington, but whatever.
Seriously cute.
 Hanging up his attendance shirt!

Chapter 6: Day at the park

Evan and I spent a cooler morning (it was below 100 by 11:00!!) at our favorite quiet park. There was no school or appointments, just a morning of relaxed fun.

Chapter 7: Curriculum Night
Hubs and I attended the yearly curriculum night at em's school to hear all about the wonderful things they'll learn in 3rd grade. We also go to see the newest artwork on the walls:
 World Series of Poker?
You can't say she isn't daddy's little girl!
While other kids want to learn cursive or multilication, ours is becoming a poker player.
(and a proud daddy takes a photo to share)

Chapter 8: Today!
There are times that Evan doesn't prefer something on wheels - but usually that's only when it's a boat or helicopter.
One day, we rode the OSU transit to school (well, it got us 6 blocks away - we walked the rest). He was feeling upset that he didn't get to ride the "school bus" like Emma.
So this morning, we decided to ride the whole route of the brown line, just for fun.
Our stop is only a couple blocks away.
 Our driver was happy to see us again, and told us many tales of the big bus line.
Sadly, this was his last day on the brown line. I guess we'll have to ride to the station and transfer to the black once in awhile to see him again!
We switched our seats half way through the trip to the very back row, where the seats are thicker and higher. Ethan fell asleep, and Evan and I watched the city go by.
the way

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